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Taking a Test Drive: What You Need to Know Taking a Test Drive: What You Need to Know

Taking a Test Drive: What You Need to Know

A test drive of a vehicle you’re hoping to purchase is pivotal in making your decision. At Sports and Imports, we’re committed to finding you an affordable vehicle that you’ll want to keep for years to come. That means, you need to be comfortable in the vehicle and it must meet all of your needs.

When you visit our lots and explore our inventory, here are some things you should keep in mind when taking your test drive.

Drive as You Would Daily

Oftentimes, when people take a test drive, they tend to drive more carefully. We encourage you to drive like you would daily. Bring your children, drive in traffic, etc. Do things within reason that might make you feel uncomfortable so you know if you feel safe in the vehicle. By that same logic, we encourage you to consider driving the car on roads you normally travel, like near your home or job. Ask our staff about all the options you have when taking a test drive.

Don’t Just Consider the Drive

Most people know that a test drive is just about seeing how a car feels when driving it, but we think you should also take time to examine the cargo space. Perhaps, strap in your children’s car seats or bring a friend with you so you can ride in the vehicle to see how comfortable it is. If you use tools for work or equipment for a sport, bring some things with you to ensure you’ll have room for them.

Don’t Drive Just One

Even if you really love the first vehicle you take out, try another one. We have a large selection of vehicles for you to choose from and want to make sure you find the absolute perfect vehicle for your budget. Don’t feel rushed into only taking one test drive. We’re in no hurry and you shouldn’t be either.

If you’re ready to take a test drive of one of our affordable vehicles, visit one of our conveniently located lots. We can get anyone approved for a great car, regardless of their credit history!